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Team Anaphylaxis – Education, Advocacy and Support

Team Ana 2013 SG4M

Have you heard of Team Anaphylaxis? It’s a group of parent advocates that push for what’s right for allergic children. I admire their drive and passion to make a difference, and their willingness to stand up against anything and anyone who is unfavorable to our cause. They also have the coolest logo I’ve ever seen – a hockey jersey with 911 on the back! Their mission is as follows:

Team Anaphylaxis is a grassroots effort to advance the Civil Rights and fair treatment of those affected with Anaphylaxis. As parent advocates we are committed to educating the public about food allergies and anaphylaxis, a life threatening and legally recognized disability. We equip, empower and support parents with the tools and resources necessary for the successful management of this highly complex, chronic health condition. We seek to promote the fair treatment and inclusion of all individuals. We believe food free classrooms provide the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) to ensure a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).

I highly recommend that you “like” Team Anaphylaxis on Facebook. Their graphics, info-graphics and quotes are really moving, educational and provide a perspective that always makes me appreciate their insightfulness.

You can learn more about Team Anaphylaxis on their website –

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Anaphyl-WHAT? Tour Sponsorship

Screen Shot 2013-08-31 at 11.42.54 PM

From September 4th until October 31st, I will be performing nonstop at schools as well as public venues across North America. In that span I will have:

  • 31 Days of Performances
  • 50 Performances
  • Reached approximately 15,000 people
  • Shows in Ontario, California, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Washington.

I am once again offering sponsorship opportunities for allergy friendly companies that want to be a part of my tour, and get their name out to my fans and others I reach along the way. My sponsorship package has three fun levels with really cool benefits!


  • Company logo with hyperlink on homepage for duration of the Anaphyl-WHAT? Tour
  • Included on sponsorship page of my school resource binder. Includes lesson plans and worksheets for teachers to use to further allergy education after my performance
  • Logo included on “tour recap” video


Everything in Ukulele, plus

  • Company logo on 2013 Road to No Reaction stage banner during all public performances
  • Your company brochures included at my booth at public performances
  • Company logo on my touring performance shirt (for public shows).
  • One Facebook post and tweet promoting your company/organization


Everything in Ukulele and Banjo, plus

  • Blog post on about your company/organization
  • 5 Signed CDs and “Food Allergies Rock” guitar picks for use as contest prizes
  • Video of me performing an original jingle for your company. (Song to get approval first, acoustic only)


  • 30 Minute Skype Concert/Google Hangout to be used as a contest prize

To download the sponsorship form, please visit

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The $10 Sale Rolls On!









When I worked at a grocery store in high school, a manager always told me “Kyle! Stack ‘em deep and sell ‘em cheap”.

Well…I finally followed his advice and have been shipping out lots of CDs over the past week. The good news is that the sale still has ONE MORE WEEK to go!

This back to school “allergy care package” includes:

  • An autographed CD
  • A Food Allergies Rock! Bracelet, Guitar Pick AND Bracelet
  • ALL FOR $10!

Order soon at

Kyle Dine CD Sale

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HomeFree Treats – Safe and Delicious!


I remember the first time I ever tried HomeFree cookies. I was performing at a FARE walk in Boston and was roaming around meeting some of the vendors. I met Jill Robbins, a mother of a child with food allergies and the founder of HomeFree and had a great conversation with her. I remember being so impressed with her company’s dedication to making snacks that were not only delicious, but were safe for families dealing with food allergies.

I then tried one of their cookies. The chocolate chip cookie to be exact. I was blown away and may or may not have asked for seconds… :) Nowadays, when I depart for my road trips, I always treat myself with Home Free cookies as my safe snack on the road. I truly get excited when I see a new flavour available! They are healthy – whole grain, all natural, Non-GMO Verified, and they available in US and Canada. In Canada they are in Target and in a growing number of natural food stores.

I crossed paths with Jill on several occasions over the years and started to notice one thing about her. She truly listens to my music. More than that, it seems she listens to every word of my lyrics. I know this because she has come up to me after several of my performances and expressed how she values my songs and their importance to allergic children. This means a lot to me as I have spent so much time creating these songs so children can learn and become empowered through them. I love hearing that parents appreciate this, but think it’s remarkable that a company CEO does too.

That’s the type of company HomeFree is. They are a part of the allergy community, creating products that make life a little easier for those affected by food allergies. To me, they are more than just safe cookies, they are great cookies! They were featured on the Today show last fall as one of 4 recommended back to school snacks, not as allergy friendly cookies but as delicious healthy cookies.

If you have not heard of their superhero contest, I urge you to check it out at: I am happy to announce that I will be writing a special song for the winners of the contest!

Visit HomeFree at
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Surf Sweets – “Fruit flavour that can’t be beat”


Have you heard of Surf Sweets yet? I remember getting my first taste at a FARE walk last year. I have always been a sucker for gummies, but have become more and more concerned about them over the past few years as I have noticed an increasing number of precautionary labels (e.g. “may contain”) with my allergens. Surf Sweets products have opened the door wide for me to enjoy my favourite treats again, without the worry.

I became much more familiar with Surf Sweets this spring when they graciously offered to sponsor my “Road to No Reaction” Tour. In return I wrote a jingle for their awesome products- check it out at I had so much fun recording with some adorable volunteers!

More then just being delicious, I learned a lot more about the company, especially their commitment to making candies with clean ingredients. All of their products are made with organic ingredients and have natural flavours too! In this day and age it’s so refreshing to see a company strive to make products that everyone can eat (allergy free) and healthy for all.

The taste will certainly hook you right away. But once you learn more about this company’s values to all natural ingredients, you’ll be a loyal customer too!

Check them out at

Having fun recording this catchy jingle for Surf Sweets. Check it out at

Having fun recording this catchy jingle for Surf Sweets. Check it out at

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Kyle Dine’s Back 2 School Sale

Kyle Dine's Back 2 School Sale

What a great time of year to stock up on fun “Food Allergies Rock!” goodies for your child, school, friend or any person who hasn’t been introduced to music about food allergies!

You’ll get
- An autographed CD (Food Allergies Rock! Or You Must Be Nuts! Or both)
- A Food Allergies Rock! Guitar pick
- A Food Allergies Rock! Bracelet
- A Food Allergies Rock! Bookmark

Plus 1/2 off S&H!

Buy now at

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The Incredible Sloane Miller (a.k.a. Allergic Girl)

One of the top highlights of my recent “Road to No Reaction” Tour was meeting up with my friend Sloane Miller (a.k.a. Allergic Girl). We have been in touch for years now and have always supported each other’s efforts helping people with food allergies. We went out for a great and safe dinner together in Manhattan at a restaurant she recommended, called Blue Smoke. The food was delicious, but talking with a food allergy expert and all-around great person made the meal unforgettable!

I was first introduced to Sloane through her blog (which I highly recommend you bookmark at It was refreshing to read stories from someone I could relate to – an allergic adult. She has an extraordinary perspective based on much experience, and writes with a tone that highlights her empathy and conviction for the food allergy community.

Sloane and I having fun at dinner together in NYC.

Sloane and I having fun at dinner together in NYC.

In 2011, John Wiley & Sons published Sloane’s book titled “Allergic Girl: Adventures in Living Well with Food Allergies“. This is truly a helpful book for adults with allergies, or parents of a child with allergies. What I got the most out of her book were insightful tips and strategies to advocate for myself in every day situations. It also has a great section on a topic that few resources have covered before – dating with food allergies. I am proud to be a contributor to this book as I shared some of my own personal stories and tips surrounding relationships and food allergies.

Since 2007, Sloane has combined her master’s degree in social work with her passion for food allergies to provide one-on-one counseling and support to the food allergy community. You can learn more about this valuable service at

Hanging out at the KFA Expo in 2012. Maybe we could start a music duo?

Hanging out at the KFA Expo in 2012. Maybe we could start a music duo?

I thank Sloane for being a true torchbearer within the food allergy community. Through countless national speaking engagements, media interviews, organized allergy safe dinners, blog articles and resources, her knowledge and efforts have helped make this world that much more safe for people with severe food allergies.

Sloane Miller's book. A great resource for anyone affected by food allergies.

Sloane Miller’s book. A great resource for anyone affected by food allergies.

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Arizona Food Allergy Alliance


One of the best parts of being a touring musician is having repeat shows. To me, this means a lot as it indicates a successful first show, but I just love meeting new people and performing for familiar faces.

The Arizona Food Allergy Alliance is one of those groups that have had me back year after year and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s a group of passionate food allergy advocates that are making a big difference for the lives of those with allergies in the state of Arizona. They are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to education, advocacy, support, awareness and fundraising.

I am constantly amazed by how much this group takes on during the year. There is a constant stream of activities including zoo walks, camping, play dates, conferences and more. Lisa Horne leads the group and is a tireless advocate whom I have the pleasure of calling a friend. I urge you to visit their website to learn more about this incredible group.

I am extremely thankful that they jumped on as a sponsor of my “Road to No Reaction” tour and I had a blast writing an original song for them. I hope you enjoy!

Arizona Food Allergy Alliance Song.

Arizona Food Allergy Alliance Song.


Arizona Food Allergy Alliance
Educate, advocate, research and science
Support and grow collectively
Making a better life for those with allergies

We meet we play we celebrate, yeah life goes on we learn to stay safe
Camping, Zoo walks, play dates in the sun, kids never miss out and have so much fun
Parents can learn from a conference or meeting, share a tip, a story or feeling
Allergy Awareness in the Grand Canyon State, we’re here to learn and educate.

Arizona Food Allergy Alliance
Educate, advocate, research and science
Support and grow collectively
Making a better life for those with allergies.

If we can handle living in a dry hot desert
We can beat allergies if we just stick together
Cactus prick or scorpion sting
If we can take on allergies we’re set for anything!

Arizona Food Allergy Alliance
Educate, advocate, research and science
Support and grow collectively
Making a better life for those with allergies

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The Anaphyl-WHAT? Tour


My fall tour has a name! What do you think?

My mission is to put more emphasis on educating others on the word anaphylaxis. More people need to know what it means and how severe it can be. I am hoping that this cheeky tour name will build intrigue and media interest too which will spread the message even further.

More information on the tour I clouding tour dates are available at

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My Close Call – Nut Allergy in China

Milk Tea with raisins and almonds

Milk Tea with raisins and almonds


Ever heard of “Milk Tea” before? I never had before my trip to China. It seemed like a really big thing there. Every cooler case filled with cold drinks would have at least one shelf devoted to different milk tea varieties. My wife loved them and drank them throughout the trip. I am typically slow to warm up to new things because of my allergies, and just stuck to water and Coca Cola the whole time. Well, until our second last night in China…

It was a really hot day and we wanted to chill out in an air conditioned cafe. The big speciality of the cafe was milk tea as they brewed their own special mixture. From what I had heard, milk tea was no more than tea…with milk. Seems simple enough. I decided that I would go for my first glass of the stuff to say that I at least tried something other than Coke while in China.

We ordered the drinks and received take-away cups with lids. With all of my allergies, I am the type of guy who always checks within a hamburger bun, a sandwich, or any food that has hidden layers. Being allergic to nuts, mustard and eggs has made me paranoid about condiments – especially mayonaise.

But for drinks, there is usually nothing to be worried about right? Well I decided to be extra safe and open the lid off of my drink and stir it around with my spoon. I noticed a thick layer of stuff at the bottom of the cup. I scooped them up and found spoonfuls of almonds and raisins.

My heart stopped!

I showed my wife and her immediate reaction was “DID YOU DRINK ANY??” which I replied “NO! Everything is okay!”

She had both milk teas that day and I had a powerful reminder that there is nothing wrong with being overly cautious about what’s in your food and drink.

I calmed my nerves afterwards with a nice cold Coke :)

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