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School Food Allergy Awareness Posters

I am happy to provide schools on my spring tour with two food allergy awareness posters for their hallways or cafeteria. They both contain key messages for students on what they can do to help keep their allergic peers safe at school. Feel free to download and print for your school at

Food Allergies are No Joke Take Note Food Allergy Awareness poster

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Camp Emerson

Allergy Camp

After missing out on summer camp as a kid, I worked at one during my summers at university. It really opened my eyes to how incredible this experience can be for kids.

I met Sue Lein, the owner of Camp Emerson last May – a camp in Massachusetts that accommodates campers with ALL food allergies. She has an egg allergy and manages a camp that takes care of every single allergy safety detail, so kids can really focus on having FUN! They are now enrolling for summer sessions.

I know the idea of sending an allergic child to sleep-away camp can be scary, however I urge you to read this page on their allergy policies. This should be considered the gold standard for camps accommodating allergic campers:

I was really excited to see this news today as I am a frequent user of the Yodish app! See original blog post.



Sarah Norris Contributes Over 200 Reviews of GF, DF Dishes at Walt Disney World, 
Encourages Others to Share Their Experiences on YoDish

CHARLOTTE, NC (February 18, 2014) – If you live a life free of gluten or dairy – or both – you’re next trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL just got simpler. YoDish, the startup behind the free iPhone app for restricted diet dining out, has teamed up with Sarah Norris, the leading expert on gluten free, dairy free dining at Walt Disney World, to provide a long list of excellent gluten and dairy free meals across more than 50 resort restaurants. YoDish serves up Sarah’s meal photos and comments for the restaurants closest to the app user with links to Sarah’s full review of each restaurant at

Like many Americans, Sarah fell in love with Walt Disney World at an early age. However, it wasn’t until August 2009 that she made her first special diets trip to the resorts, during which she was amazed at the level of professionalism, compassion, and pure “Disney magic”. Inspired, Sarah began blogging routinely about her dining experiences at the resorts, which she now visits on a monthly basis. Disney is widely recognized by the gluten free and food allergy communities as a leader in specialty diet accommodation, with many families facing dietary challenges choosing to vacation at Walt Disney World for this very reason.


“Before I went to Walt Disney World on a gluten free, dairy free diet for the first time, it was challenging to figure out what I might be able to eat, and, as important, what my meals would look like,” said Sarah. “My blog, now complemented by my YoDish reviews, gives people comfort that they can experience Disney fully, without their dietary restrictions holding them back.”

Justin Cunningham founded YoDish to provide specialty diet communities a platform for sharing dining out experiences, and he immediately recognized the opportunity for YoDish to extend the reach of Sarah’s extensive resource to a new audience looking for restaurant meals on-the-go. Justin and Sarah met at the first annual Food Allergy Bloggers Conference in November 2013 and began working on the joint effort soon thereafter.

“Our vision at YoDish is to show those with restricted diets everywhere the suitable restaurant dishes closest to them,” said Justin. “Sarah’s contribution of gluten free and dairy free meals at Walt Disney World is a huge step toward the realization of that dream.”

Sarah and Justin are now encouraging others who manage dietary restrictions to post reviews to expand the impact of the resource. Anyone with an iPhone can download the app for free, see reviews by folks with similar restrictions, and post reviews of their own dining experiences to “pay it forward”.














“We limit reviews to 250 characters, so it is really very quick to add a picture of your meal and a brief comment. It’s like tweeting or sharing a photo with Instagram.” “Seeing photos of real meals helps diners start the conversation with Disney’s Special Diets Department in advance of their visit or be better prepared when speaking with Disney Chefs onsite, so it is important for as many people to contribute as possible,” said Sarah.

Depending on your dietary profile and geographic location, you may or may not see many dishes near you right now since YoDish is a relatively new resource. The more reviews you add in your own area, the faster the community will grow. However, you can be sure that many meals will entice you on your next gluten free, dairy free trip to Walt Disney World.


YoDish, a free iPhone app, enables people with gluten intolerance and food allergies as well as vegetarians and vegans to share their restaurant dining experiences while on-the-go. YoDish is socially driven and leverages FourSquare’s global locations database to provide users an instant list of the restaurants near their current location. Users can post their dish reviews in the app as well as to Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare. Justin and Emily Cunningham, whose daughter has been diagnosed with severe allergies to dairy, eggs, peanuts, and tree nuts, understand the challenges involved in eating out with dietary restrictions. Learn more about and download YoDish.


Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW was founded by Sarah Norris in 2009 and is the top source for gluten free and dairy free dining information at the Walt Disney World Resort. Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW contains reviews, tips, tricks and trip planning resources to assist those visiting Disney with a special diet. In addition to resources found on the Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW site, those interested in special diets at Walt Disney World can also find on-the-go information through the site’s podcast, found on iTunes.

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One Month Before a Tour

Long time no update! Obviously blogging more was not one of my New Years resolutions!

After my fall tour that lasted for 2.5 months and took me all over the east and west coasts, I have had a great winter at home reunited with my wife. I have really enjoyed the down-time and opportunity to take a little break from music. We had an incredible Christmas where we travelled with friends and really soaked up the holiday spirit. It was also great to start playing hockey again this winter!

My spring tours have typically been shorter than my fall ones because of the heightened back-to-school demand. This year, it doesn’t seem to be the case. I am booked solid for another 2.5 months on the road and literally travelling across America. From Boston in the east, Austin in the south, Denver in the west and Chicago in the north. Glad my rental car will have unlimited miles!

With one month to go before I hit the road, I’m starting to tackle a long to-do list of tour-related planning. I’m recording new hilarious bits for my puppets and adding some new funs songs to my shows. Planning tour logistics always takes a ton of time, but is a nice job to multi-task on while watching Olympic hockey! Double checking every single school address with Google Maps, finalizing paperwork, estimating driving times and maybe even booking some accommodations if I get to it…thank goodness for drive-up motels!

I have a mix of emotions leading up to the big tour, from excitement to nervousness. However I know that once I’m up on stage again in front of 100’s of kids, I am doing what I love and will discover that I remembered how to ride the bicycle again!


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My Blog – 2013 in Review – Thanks for Reading!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 7,600 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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“Let’s Go Nuts” Tour – We have an official name!


My Spring Tour has an official name! Best part – it was created by a high school student after this Twitter exchange:

And this is why I love Twitter!

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Spring Tour Booking

Spring Availability


I am now in full swing booking mode for my spring tour and would love to come to your school! Please feel free to get in touch to request more information on my availability.

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Home for a Rest

After three flights and six time zones, I am back in Slovenia. I’m so thankful to everyone I encountered over the past two months while on tour. Food allergy moms and dads are INCREDIBLE.

While living on the road, you let me stay in your homes, invited me to dinner, made me sandwiches for lunch, took me sight-seeing, chatted with me between shows, let me do laundry, gave me advice, helped set up my equipment, and shared with me your food allergy story which strengthened my commitment to educating others.

So many of you that I didn’t meet sent me notes of encouragement on Facebook or Twitter. I want to let you all know how much I appreciate your support and that it truly made a difference in keeping me focused on being my best over this period. You are such a kind and caring community and I feel fortunate to be a part of it. THANK YOU ALL!

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Goodbye California

Surfin' USA (2)


Let me start off by saying…my new favourite thing in the world is surfing! Besides the amazing weather, great friends, and incredible sunsets, my three days of surfing the waves of Santa Monica made it very hard to leave!

The last month may have been the most memorable I’ve ever had on tour. It was a jam-packed schedule that took me down the entire beautiful west coast. I started in Seattle and ended up driving down all the way to Los Angeles. I had a school performance nearly every single day and loved visiting new schools as well as a few repeat ones too!

Surfs up! After many wipe outs, I finally got the hang of it on day 3.

Surfs up! After many wipe outs, I finally got the hang of it on day 3.

Managing food allergies along the way seemed to be a breeze. I was lucky finding restaurants that were safe, and accommodation with my own kitchen to cook in. My flights all went smoothly too with no peanuts being served or eaten around me.

My two best friends live in Southern California so it was a refreshing break at the end of the trip to hang out with them and catch some waves together.

The tour now moves back to the east coast where I will be performing at schools in Massachusetts and New Jersey before heading back to Canada for a few more next week.

Two more weeks left on tour and still have lots of energy! My two sprained toes from surfing are slowing me down a little… but it’s a small price to pay for finding a new hobby and trying something that’s always been on my bucket list!

C’est la vie!



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And the Tour Rolls On


Today I am performing my last show in the Bay Area at a school in Dublin, CA. What a wonderful two weeks it has been here performing mostly in San Jose and Pleasanton. In total, I visited 13 schools and reached thousands of students.

I was happy to stay in one place for a while which is a change from the different hotel to hotel routine. I booked a beautiful master bedroom through the website I love this website as it allows me to find a place that feels a bit like home. The house had a communal kitchen, however I kept all of my food separate and had my own cutlery and dishes which I washed with my own cloth to avoid any cross-contamination. All in all, it was a wonderful stay and I feel refreshed!

Today I head south to Los Angeles and have two more shows on the west coast. One is a school in Yucaipa on Friday, and then a public show in Placentia on Sunday. I’m really looking forward to seeing my two best friends who live there! I’m in need of a little down-time and can’t wait to go surfing, see a Kings hockey game and see a taping of the Conan O’Brian show with them. What a fun end to my west coast trip!

After that, the tour continues in Massachusetts and New Jersey and ends back in Ontario. I can’t believe two months of performing is nearly complete. It has been an incredible adventure with many amazing places, people and memories along the way. I am so lucky to do what I love, and love what I do!


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