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“Let’s Go Nuts” Tour – We have an official name!


My Spring Tour has an official name! Best part – it was created by a high school student after this Twitter exchange:

And this is why I love Twitter!

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Spring Tour Booking

Spring Availability


I am now in full swing booking mode for my spring tour and would love to come to your school! Please feel free to get in touch to request more information on my availability.

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Home for a Rest

After three flights and six time zones, I am back in Slovenia. I’m so thankful to everyone I encountered over the past two months while on tour. Food allergy moms and dads are INCREDIBLE.

While living on the road, you let me stay in your homes, invited me to dinner, made me sandwiches for lunch, took me sight-seeing, chatted with me between shows, let me do laundry, gave me advice, helped set up my equipment, and shared with me your food allergy story which strengthened my commitment to educating others.

So many of you that I didn’t meet sent me notes of encouragement on Facebook or Twitter. I want to let you all know how much I appreciate your support and that it truly made a difference in keeping me focused on being my best over this period. You are such a kind and caring community and I feel fortunate to be a part of it. THANK YOU ALL!

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Goodbye California

Surfin' USA (2)


Let me start off by saying…my new favourite thing in the world is surfing! Besides the amazing weather, great friends, and incredible sunsets, my three days of surfing the waves of Santa Monica made it very hard to leave!

The last month may have been the most memorable I’ve ever had on tour. It was a jam-packed schedule that took me down the entire beautiful west coast. I started in Seattle and ended up driving down all the way to Los Angeles. I had a school performance nearly every single day and loved visiting new schools as well as a few repeat ones too!

Surfs up! After many wipe outs, I finally got the hang of it on day 3.

Surfs up! After many wipe outs, I finally got the hang of it on day 3.

Managing food allergies along the way seemed to be a breeze. I was lucky finding restaurants that were safe, and accommodation with my own kitchen to cook in. My flights all went smoothly too with no peanuts being served or eaten around me.

My two best friends live in Southern California so it was a refreshing break at the end of the trip to hang out with them and catch some waves together.

The tour now moves back to the east coast where I will be performing at schools in Massachusetts and New Jersey before heading back to Canada for a few more next week.

Two more weeks left on tour and still have lots of energy! My two sprained toes from surfing are slowing me down a little… but it’s a small price to pay for finding a new hobby and trying something that’s always been on my bucket list!

C’est la vie!



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And the Tour Rolls On


Today I am performing my last show in the Bay Area at a school in Dublin, CA. What a wonderful two weeks it has been here performing mostly in San Jose and Pleasanton. In total, I visited 13 schools and reached thousands of students.

I was happy to stay in one place for a while which is a change from the different hotel to hotel routine. I booked a beautiful master bedroom through the website I love this website as it allows me to find a place that feels a bit like home. The house had a communal kitchen, however I kept all of my food separate and had my own cutlery and dishes which I washed with my own cloth to avoid any cross-contamination. All in all, it was a wonderful stay and I feel refreshed!

Today I head south to Los Angeles and have two more shows on the west coast. One is a school in Yucaipa on Friday, and then a public show in Placentia on Sunday. I’m really looking forward to seeing my two best friends who live there! I’m in need of a little down-time and can’t wait to go surfing, see a Kings hockey game and see a taping of the Conan O’Brian show with them. What a fun end to my west coast trip!

After that, the tour continues in Massachusetts and New Jersey and ends back in Ontario. I can’t believe two months of performing is nearly complete. It has been an incredible adventure with many amazing places, people and memories along the way. I am so lucky to do what I love, and love what I do!


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Sabrina’s Song

Sabrina Shannon Song

I wrote a song for Sabrina Shannon a few years ago in true appreciation of her legacy, and the work of her mother, Sara Shannon who is a tireless allergy advocate.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her this week as it was the 10th anniversary of her tragic death. While driving down the beautiful Oregon coast, I had the sudden urge to jump out of my car and record “Sabrina’s Song”. I hope it inspires us all to keep advocating – every effort truly makes a difference.

Video –

Lyrics to Sabrina’s Song

Can we stand here today, and look the other way?
When the old world is changing, she’s in our lives today.

I can feel it all around me, everywhere I see the signs,
The future is looking brighter, every day at a time

Change has got a hold of me, I can help, it makes me believe
That one girl, one life, one dream
Can make you and I feel safe at night, Sabrina.

Every change has got its purpose, to open up our eyes
And bring some understanding, to all of us alike
But it has to start somewhere, like a sparkle in your eye
Shining on forever, like a star up in the sky

Change has got a hold of me, I can help, it makes me believe
That one girl, one life, one dream
Can make you and I feel safe at night, Sabrina.

When you know things just aren’t right
You know it’s time to join the fight
And bring us one step closer to the cure
But a little this, and a little that
And we’re on our way to a brighter path
A path that no one has gone before
A path to guide the way.

Change has got a hold of me, I can help, it makes me believe
That one girl, one life, one dream
Can make you and I feel safe at night, Sabrina.

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The West Coast Tour Begins

I arrived on the west coast this Thursday after a crazy day of travel. I started in Watertown, NY with a 7am ET flight, and ended up in Seattle in the early afternoon. I hopped on the light rail with all of my music equipment and headed downtown to grab a rental car. Then I went to a music store, pick up my speakers and drove for 4.5 hours out to Spokane. By the time I arrived, I was beyond exhausted!

My first show was the next morning at the First Presbyterian School and went great! I was relieved to unpack all of my equipment without forgetting anything at home! The new speakers sounded great too! That evening, Jodie Hommer from Team Anaphylaxis organized a public concert at Gonzaga College. It was AWESOME! An unbelievable turnout fuelled a fun Friday night show with lots of dancing and singing in one of the most beautiful venues I’ve ever played in.

Today I performed at the FARE walk in Seattle. It was a rainy day so I performed inside. It was a complete thrill to be accompanied for two songs by the Hot Cider String Band which is Kelly Morgan’s (from WA FEAST) family band. We rehearsed the night before and actually put together a couple videos! Check them out!

Tomorrow I perform at two Seattle schools before heading down to Oregon.

It will be a busy month on the west coast, but it’s already off to a great start!

Greetings from road,

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Public Concert in Spokane, WA – Friday, Sept. 27


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The No Biggie Bunch


If you know my music, you know that my songs are very upbeat and always carry a positive and optimistic message. This is no fluke! Studies show that children with food allergies have a higher quality of life when they maintain a positive attitude over their food allergies.

When I first read one of “The No Biggie Bunch” books, I fell in love with the positive tone and and characters who are not only empowered over their allergies, but also help educate their friends. Essentially, if I were ever to write a book, it would be “The No Biggie Bunch”!


The title of the gang is really fitting. Food allergies are “no biggie” once you know all the steps to stay safe. We all know that there is a long adjustment period after diagnoses, but it’s important that children begin to accept and learn to thrive with food allergies.

The five “No Biggie Bunch” books can help allergic kids become more comfortable with their food allergies. The unique allergic characters, and one character who has no allergies, give kids someone to identify with – I personally like Eliot who is also allergic to eggs!

The books are also great classroom resources that can teach non-allergic kids to understand allergies and how they can keep their allergic friends safe. One of the books, Everyday Cool with Food Allergies, a No Biggie Bunch collaboration with allergist Dr. Mike Pistiner, teaches kids (and grown-ups) food allergy management in a positive, friendly way.


The two No Biggie Bunch creators, Heather Mehra, a mother of food allergic children, and Kerry McManama, a writer and champion of kids with food allergies, use situations and feelings unique to children with allergies which kids can identify with.

There is always at least one No Biggie Bunch book in my guitar case ready to go should I ever be around a group of children for some story time before or after a concert.

Check out all of these awesome books at

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Fall Public Concerts



For more info please visit:

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