Red Plate Foods = Delicious

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I first met Becca from Red Plate Foods at the Portland FARE walk in August. I remember it like it was yesterday, as that was the day I ate the BEST cupcake of my life! (With an nut + egg allergy, this is a big deal!) Becca offered my wife (gluten-free) and I both a sample cupcake as we left the event. We ate them while driving away, and after only a few bites, started giving each other those wide-eyed “this is incredible” looks, and the “Mmmmm’ing” out loud sounds! We realized we hit baked allergy-friendly gold!

Fast-forward to October when I was back in Portland to perform at local schools. Sure enough, I ran into Becca again! This time, more samples….cookies, cupcakes and muffins. ALL were simply amazing. I offered a few cookies to a family I was staying with, and they looked at me like I was handing over the keys to a Porche! They TOO knew of Red Plate Foods and were giddy about receiving the samples!

Becca’s company might just be the best kept secret out there. She just expanded to offer shipping of her baked goods. With the holidays coming, grab some of these treats and be the hit of your allergy-friendly holiday party! PS – please invite me and save a cupcake! :)

New Holiday Song – “Nut Free Christmas”

It’s been two years since I’ve done a Christmas video. I figured it was time to do another since it really is my favourite time of the year, and have had the urge to do a song with my puppets ever since reading the Jim Henson biography (what an inspiring guy!).

He's no Bing Crosby, but it was a pleasure duetting with EpiMan!

He’s no Bing Crosby, but it was a pleasure duetting with EpiMan!

There is truly one musician who can get me into the Christmas spirit like no other year after year. Elvis. If you don’t have his Christmas CD, get it. It might be the best Christmas mix I’ve ever heard on one CD. There are songs like “Santa Claus is Back in Town” that can get your Xmas party rocking, “Here Comes Santa Claus” that is the grooviest dinner music, and “Silent Night” that can give you chills.

My personal favourite, “Blue Christmas” is pure Elvis at his best in my opinion. I really don’t think any cover version of this song will ever come close to being as good.

So what did I go out and do? Cover “Blue Christmas”! However, I gave it a twist. I did use the original music to sing over, but made a parody that the allergy community would appreciate titled “Nut Free Christmas” with my pal EpiMan.

I wanted to create a fun little reminder for family members to be mindful of allergies during the holiday season. I hope you share it with your family and friends and have an overall “allergy free” Christmas this year.


Nut-Free Christmas

I won’t have a blue Christmas without you
It’ll be so cool, eating without you
Every Christmas you appear, but that’s gonna change this year
Let’s start a new tradition Where you’re not here with me

And when the party guests start knockin’
They’ll find some new treats in their stockin’
You’ll be doin’ alright, you won’t miss them for one night
Cuz I want, a nut and peanut free Christmas

[EpiMan Talking Bit] Family, friends, this year, I have one Christmas wish…on top of world peace, and a meet and greet with Batman…I’m asking you to be mindful of others allergies. You know what allergic reindeer say “If you have nuts to serve, first check with the herd.” Christmas time is about togetherness, where we can laugh, sing and talk, and…feed the nutcracker a sock…haha

You’ll be doin’ alright, you won’t miss them for one night
Cuz I want a nut, and peanut free Christmas
Cuz I want a nut…a nut free Christmas

[Banter at the end] Who roasts nuts on an open fire anyways? Isn’t that a safety concern?


Educational Video about Food Allergies AND Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease Allergy DVD Video
I’m mostly known for my songs about food allergies, but am also passionate about educating people about celiac disease and intolerances. Have you heard my song “Gluten-Free Blues“? I think there is a lot of confusion out there about the differences, but I also think it’s important to highlight the similarities.

For children, knowing the exact difference between food allergies and intolerances is not essential. Is it fair to expect that a 4-year old knows that anaphylaxis initiates in the immune system, and celiac disease occurs in the digestive system? Of course not. Keeping things simple for kids is the key when educating about such complicated things.

This is why I focus on four key messages that are universal to both conditions when teaching about them to children:

1. No sharing Food

2. Wash your hands before and after you eat

3. Respect for each others differences

4. Speak up and tell an adult if you see someone feeling ill

This type of messaging does not scare kids, yet empowers them to help people with allergies or intolerances.

This is the approach I am taking in my upcoming video “Kyle Dine & Friends” which will help educate children about food allergies, celiac disease, and intolerances.

The Kickstarter campaign to fund it ends on Dec. 21st. Pledge and get a limited edition reward today!




Kickstarter Math – Educating Students about Allergies

Here’s my Kickstarter Math:

222 Current Backers/222 Potential Schools
450 Average # of Students per School
***100,000 more allergy aware students***

Unlike other projects, this one has a multiplier effect. It’s unique in that there is much more value in the number of backers, than the number of dollars.

Add your school to the equation and be the reason why hundreds more will be educated about food allergies!


We Hit our Kickstarter Goal in 6 Days! Now What??

Kyle Dine Pledge Now Kickstarter

What a really fortunate position to be in!

The thing with Kickstarter is that you never really know how successful your campaign could be. It could be a flop, it could be a smash. I was overjoyed by the outpouring of support early on in my campaign from the allergy community, friends and family. It definitely takes a lot of the pressure off when you hit your goal so early.

So is that it?

No way!

 The Kickstarter campaign for “Kyle Dine & Friends” allergy DVD wraps up on Dec. 21st, 2014. During this time, I will keep reaching out to families, schools, media and more to spread the word. When I set my initial goal of $20,000, I purposely set the “bare minimum” amount I would need to create this video. Kickstarter uses an “all or nothing” approach. This means that if I didn’t hit my goal (even ending with $19k), I wouldn’t receive anything. I set a goal I knew I could achieve because I want this DVD to be a reality!!

Now that math gets simple. The more backers that pledge, the better the DVD will be. I will be able to add more graphics through the editing process, animation and better effects. I’m also really passionate about adding sub-titles so allergy education can be included for both French and Spanish speaking students. I will also utilize my video studio time to create a series of FREE educational clips for YouTube.

Plus, with every backer, we’re getting the DVD into one more school and potentially reaching hundreds of students!

For that fact alone, the number of backers for this project is so much more important than the number of dollars.

Help us reach more schools! Join in the fun and pledge today!


Stretch Goals Allergy Video

Allergy DVD Kickstarter – What a Weekend!

I’m sitting here having my Monday morning coffee finally catching my breath after the outpouring of support for our Kickstarter campaign this weekend. 72% funded in 72 hours…seriously?

I am beyond grateful to every one of you. If I haven’t sent you a personal thank you note, it’s coming.

I hope you realize that YOU will be the reason why kids will be educated about food allergies in schools for years to come. I want to recognize everyone who is a part of this unique and special campaign.

I have created a “Wall of Appreciation” where every single backer is listed (check it out!

Every brick counts. We are building something together that is bigger than me, bigger than you. It’s a community coming together to create change, and I hope you’ll join us to be a part of this movement!

Add your brick!
Pledge at


Backers behind food allergy DVD for schools

A screenshot of Kyle Dine’s “Wall of Appreciation”